Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Walt Disney World Postcard Puzzle

This is a Walt Disney World postcard puzzle. The postcard is actually the can which comes with a puzze inside. I believe this is from the 1970s, but, I'm not sure of the specific date. But, looking at the image and the copyright of Walt Disney Productions, I'm fairly certain that is the time period. Pretty neat piece. Since this one isn't in the best of shape, I may just frame it and put on my wall!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Commemorative Pre-Opening Guide to Epcot Center

During our vacation in the summer of 1982, guests got to take a ride on the monorail over to a new theme park opening later that year. The new park was to be called Epcot Center. Besides the ticket and a brochure we received, guests also were given a magazine called The Dawn of a New Disney Era...A Commemorative Pre-Opening Guide to Epcot Center. It is filled with tons of concept art, construction pictures, pre-opening pictures, and descriptions of the various attractions and lands in this future theme park. Now, somewhere I have some pictures my parents took. I'll have to see if I can find them along with my ticket and brochure. I'll save those for a future post.

On the back cover is a quote that illuminates what was to be Epcot Center:

If we can bring together the technial know-how of American industry and the creative imaginatioin of the Disney organization, I believe we can build a community that more people will talk about and come to look at than any other area in the world. --Walt Disney

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Disneyana Collector Summer 1982

Back in the summer of 1982, on our second family trip to Walt Disney World, I picked up a free copy of The Disneyana Collector at the Disneyana Collectibles shop on Main Street. This was the premiere issue Volume 1 Number 1. I remember walking down the street toward Cinderella Castle with my head looking straight down reading away, oblivious to all the hustle and bustle all around me. Although it only had four pages, I found it interesting and exciting to read, to discover that people collected Disney stuff...all sorts of Disney stuff. Who knew?

As the years went by, I had always wondered where my souvenir had gone. Well, about a year ago, I found it in a box of stuff I had stored away. Of course, I immediately started where I had left off those roughly 30 years ago.

The articles are brief, but, still interesting. There are two things that especially caught my attention. In the first article, the author talks about collecting "candy wrappers, soaps, bread wrappers, bottle caps, children's hankies". In other words...EPHEMERA!

Then, in the 'Collector Profile' section, Bernie Shine hits a home run when he says, "To me it's not gold, to hoard, or merchandise, to sell...Collecting is an enthusiasm to be shared."

Oh, and one last thing. Check out the price for a yearly subscription of 4 issues...$1!!!

NOTE: In case you are wondering what that stain is at the bottom of the pages...well, when I stored this item, as well as other Disney items, many years ago, I also stored a half empty bottle of cologne on top of them. Lets just say the bottle is now empty. As Stan Lee would say, 'Nuff Said'.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Coca-Cola Commemorative Bottle WDW 100 Years of Magic!

A favorite bonding time for my wife and I is to go to flea markets, garage sales, antique stores, and the like to see what treasures we might find. Well, here is a neat item I picked up at a flea market this past Saturday...a Coca-Cola bottle.

Back in 2002, Coca-Cola released this commemorative Walt Disney World 8 oz. Bottle and Tube celebrating 100 Years of Magic at the park. Born on December 5, 1901, this year long event was a celebration of Walt Disney's 100th birthday. The colorful cardboard tube comes with an 8 oz. Classic Coke bottle along with a flyer advertising Disney's Play 4 Days Pass for $99. The bottle has the 100 Years of Magic logo on it.

Now, I only paid $3 for this item and the best part is the dealer also threw in the cardboard display that was attached to shelves where these commemorative bottles were to sit. The display shows the entire picture that was wrapped around the tube. Glad I added these two items to my collection.