Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Star Tours/M&M's Commemorative Poster from 1990

This weekend, I was going through my Disney posters and found this 24" x 36" poster for Star Tours. I was super excited to find this rolled up in one of my poster tubes! I had totally forgotten I had this! This appears to have been a poster from Disney-MGM Studios for Star Tours. What is cool is the bottom says, "Commemorating The Grand Opening January 13, 1990" and "Star Tours Presented by M&M's".

If I remember correctly, I purchased this when I was on the Disney College Program back in the Summer of 1990 at Property Control. That was a place back behind cast member parking at the Magic Kingdom where Disney sold different theme park props, such as signage, as well as item from resorts such as robes, towels, couches, etc. They also sold unclaimed guest items from lost and found and some overstock and damaged items as well. It was similar to Bargain Basement, but, not as much retail merchandise.

Although the poster may not be in the best shape, it has awesome colors and I just love the graphics with the two M&M's guys. This is what also makes it special...the cross collectibility with Disney, M&M's, and Star Wars as the most obvious three categories.

If anyone has any more information on this poster, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. i have this same poster...dont really know mch about it... my family is a die hard disney family(my siser did the college program and then went back) and we go every year...oneof the year i quess we picked this up. Great poster