Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Combo Pack & Coupon

Today, Tim Burton's vision of Alice in Wonderland is released on DVD & Blu-Ray. If you plan on buying the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack, you may want to visit http://www.alicecoupon.com/ to get a $10 off coupon. And, if you have a Best Buy near you, you may want to go purchase your copy there. They have an exclusive combo pack on sale for $26.99, regular price is $34.99. Use that $10 coupon, and you get the exclusive combo pack for $16.99.

The "exclusive" is an additional outer sleeve which has the holographic look too it as well as a key hole featuring one of six different characters from the movie. But, not to worry about which character you actually choose because the character you see through the key hole is actually a 5" x 6.5" card. And, you get ALL SIX CARDS which include The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, The Red Queen, The White Queen, The Chesire Cat, and Alice. They are beautiful high gloss, heavy stock cards. So, hurry out and get yours while you can...and, don't forget that coupon!!!

Well, this isn't exactly what I had in mind for my first "official" post on Disneyphemera, but, I figured this could help you add to your Disney collection and save you some money as well.

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